Brand Design Agency Celebrates a Decade of Developing and Differentiating Challenger Brands.

Leading brand design agency Saltmine Design Group is celebrating 10 years of creation of visual identity, brand activation and communication for challenger brands, with clients like its foundation client, Frucor, who have partnered with the agency since its launch back in 2007.

Over the decade, Saltmine Design Group has worked extensively with leading Australasian drinks company, Frucor, across their brand portfolio, including numerous Australasian consumer promotions for V Energy Drink, brand ideation, design and activation for Maximus and limited edition packaging designs across
the portfolio.

With a unique approach to business and a passion for disrupting the norm, Saltmine Design Group believe a long-term partnership such as this has incredible mutual benefits for client and agency alike.

Mark Wiedermann, Frucor’s Marketing Director says, “The success of our relationship with Saltmine has been built on trust and integration. We have brought the Saltmine team upstream in our strategic process, which has enabled much more diverse perspectives and insights to help inform our choices. When we chose to enter the Sports drink category, the Saltmine team was involved with us from the conception of our Isotonic Sports Drink brand, Maximus, working as one team to determine the brand identity, positioning and strategy for the new brand.

“The involvement from the start has allowed Saltmine Design Group the depth of knowledge and understanding at the heart of the brand to nail the brand design, bottle design and numerous consumer promotions, in-store and out-of-home campaigns,” continued Mark Wiedermann.

Fostering honest, long-term relationships has been key to Saltmine Design Group since its launch 10 years ago, with co-founders Sara Salter and Kath McLachlan deeming this extremely important for their business to thrive. Also critical to the success of the business has been their view that brands don’t become successful by chance. Saltmine believe that those brands that truly make a difference become successful through challenging the status quo. They inspire and motivate consumers to act differently, and they challenge complacency and disrupt the markets of today to change and evolve.

As an agency with a strong and broad portfolio, Saltmine Design Group are recognised for intuitive and captivating work that delivers commercial success for their clients. The key to Saltmine Design Group’s success is its positive energy and open, collaborative approach and they pride themselves on the strong relationships they’ve nurtured during their 10 years in business.

“We’re so proud of this huge milestone occasion for the business. From humble beginnings in the front room of a house in Newtown, to working with some of Australia’s favourite brands, we’ve certainly come a long way. Frucor is one of our foundation clients and we’re honoured to be celebrating such a special time and continuing our longstanding relationship with them and our other wonderful clients,” said Sara Salter, Managing Partner of Saltmine Design Group.

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