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We are Saltmine Design Group

Change is crucial for success

Brands don’t become successful by chance.

Those that truly make a difference become successful through challenging the status quo.
They inspire and motivate consumers to act differently.

They challenge complacency and disrupt the markets of today to change and evolve.

How we see challenger brands

We believe that a real challenger brand is more than just a number two or three position in your market. Whether you’re a start-up, a new brand or seasoned player in your category, being a true challenger brand requires a specific mindset.

A challenger mindset

It’s about looking at everything with fresh eyes and an open mind.
Accepting that change is all around us.
Not being satisfied with the current status quo.
Adopting an entrepreneurial spirit.
Striving to differentiate your brand in a meaningful way.
Working to ensure your brand is relevant, resonates and stands out in a category.
And ultimately having the courage to make the bold moves.

We believe that if it’s perfect, you can make it better. If it’s broken, you can fix it. If you’re not growing, you’re not changing.

Disrupt your market with purpose

Disruption is not simply about doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing. For your brand to disrupt, it’s important you have a well-defined purpose. You want to be defined by your own actions, not others.

It’s critical to understand what your brand stands for, what your brands purpose is. If you are unclear, then this is our first task.

The purpose becomes the guiding principles for how your brand disrupts in your market – and more specifically what elements we choose to disrupt, to challenge, to change for the future of the market in which you play.

A successful partnership

Over the years we have built many successful long-term partnerships with our clients. We know that there are critical factors for partnership success:

Be open to a fresh way of thinking
Be prepared to think differently and do things differently.
Brief with an open mind and clear objectives.
Embrace a balance of both gut feel and statistical reassurance.

Regularly update us on what’s going on in your business and in the market.
We can’t do our job if we don’t have all of the information. Sales results, research findings – hit us with it all. We’ll use this alongside our own information and findings.

We understand that loyalty takes time to build, but give us a real opportunity to do so. If you ask for exclusivity from us, can we expect the same from you?
With loyalty comes commitment.

Our promise to you

We will fight for your brand and treat it like it is our own. We will challenge you if we think you’re running off course and be a sounding board if you need one. We will consistently produce creative that is on brand and drives sales.

That’s why we’re here. To make sure your brand gets noticed and achieves its goals.
To do things differently and get your brand into the hands of consumers.

We will show you that adopting a true challenger mindset will lead your brand to commercial success.

So who are we?

We are Saltmine Design Group. A specialist in the creation of Visual Identity, Brand Activation and Communication for Challenger Brands.

We help our clients disrupt their markets and achieve commercial success.

We are a collective of expert designers and marketers. Together we form a powerhouse of enthusiasm, spirit and determination. A loud, passionate ally that will challenge you, celebrate with you and fight the good fight – every time.

We thrive on successful, long term partnerships.
We look at everything with a fresh perspective.
We enjoy working with people of purpose, brands of character and letting passion light our way.

We are one of the best things that will ever happen for your challenger brand.