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Why Challenger Brands Should Embrace Change

One of the inherent characteristics of a challenger brand is the mindset of believing that if it’s perfect, you can make it better, if it’s broken, you can fix it and if you’re not growing, you’re not changing.

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Importance of Packaging Design for Challenger Brands

With the increasing access to instant information media consumption continues to become more fragmented, meaning that it’s harder than ever to find the best way to communicate with consumers. Because of this, effective packaging is crucial for a brand’s success and is much more important than just a physical shell to contain or protect the product. Here we consider the importance of packaging design for challenger brands.

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Saltmine Packaging Trends Report 2017

This report identifies and analyses what Saltmine Design Group deem to be the key packaging trends for 2017. We name 7 key trends and provide case studies and real-life examples of these trends in market.

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